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Each year the Sanctuary's wildlife hospital treats over 5,000 sick, injured, and orphaned wild animal patients.  The Sanctuary's primary goal is to return recovered animals to their natural habitats.  Most of the patients admitted to the Sanctuary's wildlife hospital have suffered from some type of human related injury, which include: illegal gunshots, collisions with cars, poisonings, entanglement with fishing line, attacks by dogs and cats, and electrocutions.

It is very expensive to provide the professional care needed to treat injured wildlife.  The annual medical and grocery bills alone for the Sanctuary total nearly $100,000.00.  The Busch Wildlife Sanctuary is a non-profit organization, and although it does not charge for its services, the Sanctuary is not a government funded agency.  Busch Wildlife Sanctuary is funded entirely by donations from caring people just like you!

You can help save a life by sponsoring an animal today!  Your tax-deductible donation will help provide the necessary food, shelter, and medicine for the animals in the Sanctuary’s care.  Below is a list of the groups of animals being cared for at the Sanctuary and how much it costs to feed the animals for a month or a year.  Thank you in advance for your support!

Animal Sponsorship Levels:

Per Month
Per Year
Water Birds
Skunks, Raccoons, & Opossums
Hawks, Owls, & Falcons
White-tailed Deer
Alligators & Crocodiles
Bobcats, Foxes, & Otters
Bears & Panthers
Other $________________
Any Amount
Any Amount
All contributions are greatly appreciated!

or Click here for a Printer Friendly Mail-in Membership Application.

For more information on how you can help, please call the Sanctuary office at (561) 575-3399.


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