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The Busch Wildlife Sanctuary is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and conservation of Florida’s wildlife and natural resources. To accomplish this goal the Sanctuary has a two fold mission of wildlife rehabilitation and environmental education. 

The concept of the Busch Sanctuary began with the incorporation of the Wildlife Rehabilitation and Environmental Education Center in 1983. This non-profit organization was established to care for sick, injured and orphaned wild animals, while promoting wildlife and habitat conservation, through a variety of community environmental outreach programs.


In 1994 the Peter W. Busch Family Foundation joined forces with the Wildlife Rehabilitation and Environmental Education Center to create the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary. 

Today, the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary provides free comprehensive medical and rehabilitative care to over 6,000 injured wild animals with the ultimate goal of returning recovered patients to their natural habitats. 

In addition to its wildlife rehabilitation efforts, the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary offers community outreach programs to over 150,000 people annually. Live, non-releasable wild animals play an important role in the Sanctuary's educational presentations. These animals offer the public a rare opportunity to learn from nature up-close and helps to create a memorable message of respect for all living creatures and their habitats. 

The Sanctuary offers visitors a rare opportunity to learn about Florida's wildlife and natural environments. The concept of this facility was not to simply build a "zoo" exhibiting caged animals, but to create a unique refuge that combines a community nature center with a wildlife hospital. Nature trails lead visitors through pine flat-woods, oak hammocks, and cypress wetlands. Along the trails are wildlife habitats exhibiting a variety of native animals from bald eagles to Florida panthers. This unique facility offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn about nature while providing a sanctuary for wildlife and people. It’s a great place to bring the whole family for a real wild experience! 

In 2019, we expanded environmental opportunities by adding a new indoor, interactive experience. The Robert W. McCullough Discovery Center enhances visitors experience through interpretive exhibits, interactive displays and multimedia productions. This expertly-designed space for Sanctuary Visitors is utilized by our Junior Naturalist program alongside the Earl Abramson and Sheila Schlagger Environmental Education Center, offering a classroom and wet lab. Our goal in designing the news facility is to highlight the ever-changing landscape of Florida, our impact on the animals that we share our environment with and how our community members can help preserve our precious natural resources. 



The Busch Wildlife Sanctuary has become a matter of community pride for the Palm Beaches, Treasure Coast, and its residents. It is ranked #1 on things to do in Jupiter according to Over 200,000 children and adults visit the Sanctuary each year and an additional 50,000 people participate in the Sanctuary’s outreach programs, tours, and exhibits. Clearly, Busch Wildlife Sanctuary has helped to make our community a very desirable place to live and visit. 


Local residents have taken pride in helping Busch Wildlife Sanctuary to grow into a valuable community resource. The Sanctuary offers residents and visitors a unique opportunity to learn about nature through interactive educational programs. The Sanctuary’s wildlife rehabilitation efforts provide a much-needed community service in helping sick, injured, and orphaned wild animals. 90% of the almost 6,000 patients admitted each year to the Sanctuary’s wildlife rehabilitation center have suffered from some type of human-related injury. Collisions with automobiles, fishing line entanglement, illegal gunshots, poisonings, and electrocutions, are only a small example of the types of injuries that are regularly treated. 


Our local community has a unique charm with a safe neighborhood atmosphere and an array of leisure activities. Busch Wildlife Sanctuary is a little oasis (a sanctuary for both wildlife and people) in the midst of this growing community. The Busch Wildlife Sanctuary has something for everyone; young and old alike. From Storytime for parents with toddlers to family night-walks, the Sanctuary’s education activities reach out into the community by offering programs such as Junior Naturalist, community service, guided tours, wildlife presentations, and much more. With the area’s sense of community, residents and visitors appreciate and take advantage of the free admission and programs available at the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary. 


In addition to wildlife rehabilitation and environmental education, Busch Wildlife Sanctuary is dedicated to the protection and conservation of our area’s wildlife and natural resources. The Sanctuary takes a proactive approach to work with residents, business owners, and developers to create a community that successfully preserves the environmental and natural assets.

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