Rescue, Rehab, Release, Educate!

Busch Wildlife Sanctuary has a two-fold mission of wildlife rehabilitation and environmental education.


We rescue sick, injured, or orphaned native Florida wildlife. 

The Sanctuary is a non-profit organization that serves Palm Beach County. We rely on the public to bring injured wildlife to our wildlife hospital. Over the years, we have rescued deer, foxes, screech owls, hawks, bald eagles, squirrels, birds, and many others. Our volunteer rescue team is sent out to rescue animals that the public can't, such as raccoons, great blue herons, bobcats, foxes, etc...

When rescuing a wild animal:

When rescuing a wild animal your first thought may be to comfort the creature and provide it with food.  However, handling an injured animal can cause stress, and feeding can often cause harm.  The diets of wild animals are very complex, so it is better to do as little as possible until you can get the animal to a wildlife rehabilitation facility.  


Our hospital staff works hard to take care of the many wildlife patients in our hospital. They feed the orphaned wildlife, perform examinations, administer medication, and much more. At certain times, our staff are taking care of more than 75 animals. All patients are examined upon the end of treatment and are assessed whether or not they can be released back into the wild. 



Our goal after rehab is to release our healthy animals back into the wild!

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The Environmental Education Program at the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary is a curriculum-based projected geared towards children and families.  Through this program children and adults are given the opportunity to learn about native plant and animal species, and participate in conservation efforts to protect and preserve Florida’s wildlife, natural resources, and endangered species.