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What to do when you have found an injured animal:


  1. Call Busch Wildlife Sanctuary for assistance at 561-575-3399

  2. Use common sense and think of your safety first

  3. Try to contain the animal

  4. Keep the animal warm & quiet

  5. Do not pet or handle the animal

  6. Do not try to feed or give water to the animal


When rescuing a wild animal:

When rescuing a wild animal your first thought may be to comfort the creature and provide it with food.  However, handling an injured animal can cause stress, and feeding can often cause harm.  The diets of wild animals are very complex, so it is better to do as little as possible until you can get the animal to a wildlife rehabilitation facility.  

Animal Drop-Off:

The Busch Wildlife Sanctuary’s wildlife hospital is available to receive injured animals 7 days a week from 8 AM to 4:30 PM. Arrangements for later drop-off can sometimes be accommodated if arrangements are made in advance.  

Please call the Sanctuary at (561) 575-3399. If it is after our normal business hours, you will be directed to an emergency number. 

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