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The new Sanctuary is almost ready and we have a lot of trees to plant to provide the animals and guests shade. Please help us by sponsoring a native tree to be planted.

All donors will be recognized on our digital display in the Welcome Center & on our website. There will be a commemorative plaque to recognize participants in the Plant a Tree Initiative who make a gift of $500 or more.
$10,000 donation = Live Oak Tree planted
$5,000 donation = Bald Cypress Tree planted
$2,500 donation = Gumbo Limbo, Slash Pine, Sabal Palmetto Tree or similar species planted
$1,000 donation = Eastern Red Cedar, Cocoplum, Red Maple Tree or similar species planted
$500 donation = Myrsine, Wax Myrtle, Simpson Stopper, Dahoon Holly Tree or similar species planted
$250 donation = Firebush, Jamaica Caper, Lantana, Indigo Berry Tree or similar species planted
$100 donation = Assorted Native Grasses & Pollinator Plants planted
Thank You to our Sponsors
Peter & Diane Avonda
Allen Berrios
In memory of Ruben Berrios
Marc Bertrand
In memory of Bert
Michael & Lyse Bourns
Mr. Frank DeMaria
Eric Dolan
In memory of Gabby Dolan
Mario Facella
Abbe Gleicher
In memory of Adam Gleicher
Daniel Green
Elizabeth Hailman
John & Colleen Maletto
Hope Mabbitt
In honor of Michael Flores
Anthony Marino Jr.
In memory of Carleen Taylor
Frances Mullane
Mr. & Mrs. Carmine Muratore
Christine Myrphy-Ksionek
In honor of Ken Ksionek
Valentina Garcia Nunes
In honor of Monica Nunes Viguera & Salvador Garcia Barreeto
Adrienne Percival
Don & Penny Pray
Sierra Club Loxahatchee Group
In memory of Alan Parmalee
Monique Pierpont
Coastal Interiors
Dr. Heather Johnston
In memory of Mary "Jody" Johnston
Lori Just
In memory of Frank Thompson
Karen Keenan
In memory of Vittorino &
Marilyn Panozzo
Tom Knapp
Ms. Victoria Preuss
Janet & Malcome Shaw
Commissioner Steve & Beth Rockoff
Elizabeth Romfh
Leilani's Wish
In memory of Leilani Cocca
TD Charitable Fund
Kathryn Lewis
Alessandra Lezcano
Miriam Lippman
In memory of John Moran
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